Monday, July 12, 2010

Home Sweet Home! The End of RomCon

The first annual RomCon is now over. The suitcase is packed and Mho and I are ready to head back to familar land.

I will probably have one final recap, but for now some extra snap shots of those at RomCon I was so happy to have met.

Reader and recent de-luker Sotheara, Mho and Moi/ Mho and Jackie (Bitten by Books reviewer)

Berkley author Lila Dipasqua (Her debut, Awakened by a Kiss comes out August 3rd)

Bitten by Books Jennifer and Jackie, Heather from Heather's Books, Mho and Me

A few exhausted cucumbers snuggle together after all the RomCon fun

Homeward bound...



orannia said...

Sound slike you (& Mho) had an amazing time. Thank you so much for all the updates and the photos :) I love putting faces to names!

Sotheara said...

Katiebabs, it was so awesome meeting you. You're as wonderful in person as you are online.

Melissa said...

Sigh... I LIVE in CO and couldn't come. Hopefully that will change someday. :) Thanks for the post!

SueG said...

Hey Katiebabs -- so glad we got to meet & thanks for your great comments about the event. I had a great time & it appears many of the readers did as well -- a few bumps in the road but I'm sure will all be ironed out for next year.

Thanks for your comments on other sites too -- you rock!

Heather said...

I got to hold Mho, I got to hold Mho!!!

Carly said...

Oooh, the Lila DiPasqua books look fascinating! Thanks for the pointer.

Nicole MacDonald said...

Hello! Just a note to let you know I’ve awarded you the ‘One Lovely Blog’ award. Pop over to my blog to collect it. You’ll see a little blurb as to what I love about your blog too, I hope it makes you smile ; )

Lila DiPasqua said...

So glad I got to meet you in person, Kate! Thanks for sharing the pics.

PS---Thanks, Carly! :)