Saturday, June 26, 2010

For the Love of the Book Blogs. (LA Times Article Shot Out)

The Living section of the Los Angeles Times has a great article posted about how book bloggers are becoming very important to publishers. Some familiar bloggers were interviewed such as, Trish who runs Hey Lady, Whatcha Readin?, Rebecca who runs Book Lady's Blog and Amy who runs My Friend Amy. The biggest mention was the first annual Book Blogger Convention in May during BEA where "the Book Blogger Convention was at capacity, attended by more than 100 bloggers from 27 states and five countries." The article goes on to explain that the new world of book blogging has exploded with around 300 active book blogs all participating in the online community.

It looks like publishers are finally "getting it" when it comes to book bloggers because it's the perfect way to read readers, which means helping book sales increase. It's all about blogger outreach that can help take a debut or mid-list author to the next level. And with the amount of book blog reviews, in a give month, a blog can have over 5,000 page views in a given month. I know for a fact some blogs have way more than 5,000 views in a month. You do the math.

And in honor of promoting some incredible blogs, (and it's been awhile since I've done so) here are some must visit blogs that I recommend you add to your Google Reader and check out.

Rita runs the Not Another Historical Romance blog and her love of historical romance shines through with every single review she posts. Rita is a huge fan of Julia Quinn and Lisa Kleypas. When Rita first contacted asking for advice on how to start her blog, I was honored. This soon to be college student is a perfect example of someone who embraces the romance genre and shouts it loudly for everyone to hear.

Angie runs the Angieville blog and has bee doing so since 2005. She is one of the old school bloggers. When I first started getting more into YA books, I found Angie. She loves books and will try any genre she can get her hands on. Her blog looks so very professional and she promotes the best in books. I have expanded my reading horizons because of her

I first found out about Dirty Sexy Books from Carolyn Crane. Rebecca has been blogging since April of 2009 and her personality and reviews are so very unique. Dirty Sexy Books gives off a newspaper vibe and her reading is all over the place from horror, urban fantasy and YA.

Christine at Happily Ever After is my fellow NJ blogger pal. She's been around for awhile and still loves to blog about books, but her focus has changed somewhat. She has been experimenting in the kitchen and makes the most delicious types of food and posts the recipes for all to salivate over. I can see her having her own cookbook one day (hint hint). She also has been running the In Death reading challenge and is involved in the Support You Local Library by posting about the books she ends up taking out from the library. For good books and good eats, check out Happily Ever After.

Paranormal Bites run by Laurie was started a few months ago. It has become my go to site for everything about the paranormal, from movies, television and books. It's an excellent resource for those who are just dipping their toe in the paranormal world, as well as those who are life long fans.

I found out about Tam who runs Tam's Reads from Kris at Kris 'n' Good Books. A great resource for everything GLBT and MM. Tam loves the MM romance deeply and she is so very quirky and funny. She also likes to post those pretty men cookies that I can't get enough of. We really do need more blogs like Tam to promote all that is good and well in GLBT literature.

Fiction Vixen is my fellow JR Ward fan girl whose blog is so much fun to visit. Her reviews, posts and willingness to be wacky is something to look up to. She has become another one of my go to blogs for book recommendations and great discussions. I also love her avatar, which always makes me smile whenever I see it. You know a blog is something great when you stop by and the warm fuzzies fill your stomach.

I cannot fail to mention the duo who runs Smokin' Hot Books. KC is a Starbucks addict, just like me (salutes with a caramel latte) and loves everything genre related books from Paranormal, to Urban Fantasy, to Romance and now GLBT romance. K-Khan is her backup and all around fun time chick who speaks her mind. I promise you that you will end up in stitches when you visit the Smokin' Hot ladies. Another warm and fuzzy blog that you must check out.

Yummy Men and Kiss Ass Chicks is a new blog I just discovered over the past few months. Julie's love of reading was discovered because of Stephanie Meyer and Twilight which lead her to JR Ward, Ilona Andrews and Jeaniene Frost among others. A true Paranormal/Urban Fantasy Romance reader came out. Now she can't get enough and wants more! Her blog is a fun place to hang out at. With a title like Yummy Men and Kiss Ass Chicks, you know Julie has so much to offer the blogging world.

These are only a few blogs I try and visit every day. They are perfect examples of bloggers who work hard and welcome anyone with an opinion. If you have some time, definitely stop by their places and say hello. They will hold out their arms and embrace you gladly.



Chris said...

I hadn't heard about that article - thanks, KB!

Fiction Vixen said...

Hey Kate! I'm checking out that article now! Thanks for the mention and your very kind words. I think there are one or two blogs in your list haven't visited yet. I'll be checking them out. xoxo

HistoricalRomanceJunkie Rita said...

Aww, thanks so much Kate. I am honored to be mentioned! <3
Keep on being the gem that you are; the blog-er-verse needs you!

Much Love,

Life After Jane said...

Thanks for be blog links! Going to check them out now.

Tam said...

Thanks so much KB for the shout-out. I'm don't consider myself a serious reviewer but if people get to know me a bit they can get an idea of whether my taste meshes with their's and maybe help someone make a decision. Things certainly are changing with blogs, no longer just self-indulgent rambling but commentary that can influence things like buying patterns or something as large as publishing. (Not that we're ruling the world ... yet. :-)

Liza said...

Thanks for directing me to more book blogs. Love finding about new books from other book lovers.

trish said...

Thanks for mentioning the article! There's some blogs you mentioned that I hadn't heard of, so I'm off to check them out, but I definitely agree about Angie. I love her. :)

booknerd said...

Thanks a bunch Katie! I'll be checking these blogs and giving some "shot outs" in my upcoming article. Finding new reviews and cool books is very awesome!


The Booknerd

Mandi said...

Nice post Kate. There are a couple that are new to me...and I love finding new blogs :) Thanks!

Muriel Lede said...

It's about time publishers do get it! They still lived in the era when the NY Times was the first and last authority on the matter. Finally actual readers have their say...

orannia said...

Thank you KB! I think there are some more blogs I need to add to my visit list ASAP!

Angiegirl said...

Honestly. I got a little bit teary reading this. Thanks for such very kind words, Katie. I kind of like the "old school" moniker. And you know a little something about welcoming other bloggers with open arms as well. I chalk up my final watching of (and falling in love/lust/obsession with) North & South to your dedicated blogging on the subject of Richard Armitage's swoonworthiness. *happysigh*

Smokinhotbooks said...

Aw KB I hearts you *air kisses*. Your my go to gal for all book info and WTF-ckery.

Serena said...

great shout outs from you and the LATIMES...thanks for the update!

Christine said...

Aw, Kate! Thank you so much for that sweet shout out!! To put me in a list alongside all of those other phenomenal bloggers is hugely flattering.