Friday, May 7, 2010

These Covers Make Me Go O.o

Take a look at some of the OMG, those covers are *insert your own thoughts here*...

From Resplendence Publisher: Pretty sizzling. Hot wall sex in the works perhaps?

Are my eyes deceiving me, but does she really have belt marks on her tush?

I've been captured by my fur... fetish.

From MLP:  Freaky looking man with scruff.

Strange look abs but my sword is long and hard.

From Siren Publishing: Can we say Gumby legs? Or rather, blow up doll legs?

From Excessica Publishing: Fugly looking bendy WTF people! The guy's eyes stare deep into my soul and wants to take it for his own.

Aw poor mister King Frog doesn't look happy. Probably because he is showcased on a WTF type of cover is this?



Smokinhotbooks said...

I'd like to blow up the cover 'Captured' and hang it in my bedroom.

KMont said...

No, you're absolutely right, Babs. She does indeed have belt marks on her ass! And she's proud of it. So that's what they really make things for.

Does that tiny man-woman on the Freeman cover suspect that that huge freak-a-zoid is behind him/her? I think he/she does.

Warrior Prince must have had a hard life because he's about to lop of his King of Conquering!

I think her Dark Secrets consist of being a life-size Barbie doll. I think I saw that very one on the shelf at Toys 'R Us. I told the kidlet she couldn't have it, thought the underwear color was all wrong.

If that guy's looking for your soul, watch out cuz it looks like he's gonna put it in his pants. Sick perv.

That from does have the most classic WTF look I've ever seen. Point goes to the amphibians this time.

KMont said...

Heh, meant to say that's what they make THONGS for. Lawdy.

Katiebabs a.k.a KB said...

Smokin: why am I not surprised?

Kmont: I can't tell if the little headed person is a man or a woman. I think a man.

JenB said...

Whoa...the Punished cover is actually really hot. O_O

Morning Glow from Novel Addiction said...

Did anyone else notice that on the "Immortal Curse" cover... the O is right over where her nipple would be (or at least dang close).. it's as if they're trying to make that a target.

Jess Haines said...

*jaw drops*

Where do you FIND these things?! LOL

Somehow, though, none of them manage to scar me as deeply as the butterflies tattooed on the man titties in a post you did a few days ago.