Saturday, May 8, 2010

Love Advice From Love Doctor Mho Fho *Employee Falls for Rich Tycoon Alpha Male Boss*

Welcome to the latest Saturday Edition of Love Letters to Mho! The Love Doctor is in!

Dear Mho,

I'm very committed to my job as customer relations representative for an amusement park in Tennessee. But although I have been given many compliments on my Herbal Essence type hair and the way my work shirt molds my chest oh so well, I'm very much alone, as in I have never been in a relationship. I'm a freak because I have never even been with a man in that special all consuming way. If only I were more like my younger sister, who's blonder, perky and has so many eating out of her hands!

Now my very rich, tycoon boss has come along and he is everything I want. His eleven-year-old daughter is so adorable and I love spending time with them. My only concern is my boss is a little too hands on and has even admitted he will seduce me whether I

Should I let go and enjoy his seductive techniques knowing that there can be nothing more between us because I am just one of his lowly employees? He seems much more suited for my sister, who seems to never have any money but loves to shop.



Dear H.A.

In the real world your tycoon hunk of a boss wouldn’t give you a second glance, but since this rule doesn't apply in your world, I say ride him for all he's worth Why not let him give you a spin on the Tilt-O-Whirl or have his wicked ways with you in the tea cups or up against the wall in the haunted castle?

Oh wait, you said Tennessee, not Florida or California, so I'm mistaken. Do you happen to have It's a Small World ride?

If you don't mind having a pre-teen follows your every move and interrupt you and her dad every time he tries to make you a woman, I say go for it. He's probably the alpha male type who won't take no for an answer but is a big old cuddly snuggle bunny in bed.

Also, keep a watch out for your younger sister who sounds more like a skank and will try to steal your snuggle bunny tycoon from you.

Wishing you all the best in your quest to become a "real" woman!

Mho Fho

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