Sunday, February 28, 2010

WTFckery Or Not? You Decide

Cover your eyes... run for the hills... because this week's WTFckery is up!

This week has to be the most in WTFckery books covers. Get ready to gag because these are atrocious:

1. I love Anne Bishop, but this German cover for Daughter of the Blood reminds me of one of those deranged puppets from the horror movie Puppet Master. Thanks to Bree of Moira Rogers for this one.

2. Jessewave has set me up with cover WTFckery for weeks! Take a peep at some of these wonderful vomit worthy covers if you dare:

3. Lady Gaga sure has some balls...or rather something else all together. I can't help but love this woman. And where did this rumor start that Gaga maybe a man? From The Huffington Post:

"Lady Gaga's revealing stage costume at the Grammys proved that she doesn't have a penis after all, but she's got a big one snaking down the leg of her pants on the cover of the new Q, a British music magazine. "We all know that one of the biggest talking points of the year was that I have a dick, so why not give them what they want?" she told the magazine."

4. If you come across this thing, no use in running because you are A Sca-rewed!

5. Don't we all wish we could have a raccoon tail outfit such as this one? I'm not going to even go there. This picture speaks for itself. Thanks to Chris at Stumbling Across Chaos for this one.

6. The real inside story of Kermit the Frog:

7. Just when you thought it was safe to go to a baseball game. Beware a baseball team's mascot throwing hotdogs! From

"Sluggerrr the Lion -- the mascot for the Kansas City Royals -- is accused of poking a fan's eye out with a steaming hot wiener during a Major League Baseball game last year ... and now the team is being sued over it. John oomer claims Slugger eventually put the air gun down -- and started firing off the wieners by hand ... when, according to the suit, things went horribly wrong.In the docs, Coomer claims "Slugger lost control of his throw or was reckless with his throw, and threw the hotdog directly into the Plaintiff." Coomer claims the dog hit him right in his left eye -- leaving him with a detached retina and the development of cataracts."

8. This show must come to Broadway! My Little Pony the Musical!

9. From ABC News:
An anti-smoking campaign that some claimed likened the consumption of tobacco with sexual submission is causing an uproar in France. The three ads show teenagers on their knees with cigarettes between their lips, their faces at a man's waist, looking submissively into his eyes. The advertising slogan says, "Smoking means being a slave to tobacco."

You'd think they would have them smoking cigars rather then cigarettes to make it more life like, if you know what I mean?

10. And your Regretsy WTFckery this week is too cute and talented for words. Where else can your find a French Painting Penis?

This is a fun little painting a match to the Vagina obsession painting. Again it is all to do with the humor I see in so many people being transfixed by their own parts. It is not meant to insult any one just poke a little humor at the crotch pondering. It is a 5x7 inch painting of a Penis painting is own self portrait. I hope this gives you a little smile.

Oh yes, wee little painting wee-wee, you have made me smile.

Enjoy this week's best in WTFckery...



Chris said...


Claudia said...

Super Fetus -- oh my. That brings back too many memories of some movie from the 80s that scared the bejeezus out of me. I don't remember what it was called but I called it the "Baby Monster" and still feel a chill anytime I see anything that reminds of it.

Yeah, that belongs in some WTFckery.

Anne D said...

I'm still giggling over that Kermit Xray. So, so many comments to make about that one :)

pattepoilue said...

You'd think I would have known first-hand about the French anti-smoking campaign, I live here! lol. I guess it'll make the news this week, I would have remembered hearing about this lol (Or I've been living under a rock?)

That Scarecrow is freaking scary!

orannia said...

*covers eyes*

Those books covers are...are... *speechless*

L. Diane Wolfe said...

The book covers are bad enough, but I can't believe a couple are real books!

And my husband is convinced Lady Gaga is a man...

nightsmusic said...


Those covers are for real?

The Kermit pic gave me a good laugh though.

heidenkind said...

Penises AGAIN! KB!

ANYway, the Super Fetus book cover is, um, interesting. That could be used as birth control!

As for #9--well, this is FRENCH men, we're talking about, right? ;)

Tori [Book Faery] said...

Oh my gawd, I love Anne Bishop too. And holy crap.... I'd say she's a deranged puppet master/gothic clown from hell.

As for that Alpha cover....ew

LOL at that mascot though. "Coomer claims "Slugger lost control of his throw or was reckless with his throw, and threw the hotdog directly into the Plaintiff." HAHAHA

Stephani Hecht said...

That scarecrow is going to give me nightmares. *shudders*

Julia Rachel Barrett said...

Okay, these are really scary! I had to cover my eyes when I looked at a couple.

Smokinhotbooks said...

Whoa! Although that smoking ad shouldn't surprise me that it came from France...I remember walking in Paris and coming across porn stands O_O with full bush *shudder*