Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Promoting Some New Must Visit Blogs

It’s been awhile since I’ve promoted some wonderful blogs I all recommend you go and visit. Please join me in welcoming these 10 new to me blogs that have brought me joy over the past few months.

1. I am so very happy to have found Kay’s Blog where- “Kay babbles about Historical Romanceland with an occasional digression into Paranormalville." Historical Romance author, Sara Lindsey was the one to introduce me to Kay because she loved Kay’s review of Promise Me Tonight. Kay’s blog has been around since 2007 and I wish I had known about it sooner. Her reviews are so wonderfully written and her recent review of Laura Kinsale’s Lessons in French had me in hysterics based on this:

“I have always been a big fan of Laura Kinsale. She is the Queen of Angst. You know, those heroes who had sex with their step-mother when they were twelve and their father beat them, then sent them to an asylum where they went blind and then they turned into a blind assassin and nobody likes them because they kill people, however, they are the designated hero. Now, that is angst!”

2. Allison Pang, who just sold her first urban fantasy series to Pocket, runs the Borrowing Heaven, Subletting Hell blog that has been around since last year. Allison has some very open and honest post and her personality really shines through. She reminds me a bit of Carolyn Crane and her Trillionth Page blog. Both these women are wonderful bloggers but have succeeded by into the publishing world. I admire them both deeply for giving me great advice and having fun while they do it.

3. I love Sayuri who runs the Damn Heart blog and has been doing so since 2008. Not only does she write great, insightful reviews but has this great post called Guess the Book where she posts an excerpt from a book and you try and guess the book. I actually got one correct. Damn Heart is a clean easy blog to navigate for a tons of fun. Yes, fun times at Sayuri’s place!

4. Angela, who runs Dark Faerie Tales since October 2009 has become my go to blog where she feeds my need for finding new book releases, called Taking Cover, as well as her Books to Watch post about book deals from Publisher’s Weekly. Angela’s blog has a great atmospheric feel to it and one very recommend blog that should be visited everyday.

5. Flight Into Fantasy, run by Shannon C, who proudly admits she has a need for minions is everything wonderful in the blogging world. Her reviews put mine to shame. I also look up to Shannon because she has a seeing disability that doesn’t control her or makes her feel less than she is. I love her outspoken opinions and she doesn’t think I am too strange since we both like to talk about the same books and topics in books such as our love hate relationship for V.C. Andrews and Cheryl Brook’s use of the term “snard”. Whenever I think of Shannon or visit her blog, I can’t help but leave with a smile.

6. Leontine who runs Leontine’s Book Realm has an eclectic amount of posts from promoting future releases to all types of books. She is proud to admit that she loves reading sex in romance and is also another great blog for those who need more erotic and M/M romance recommendations. You can spend hours at Leontine’s and not get bored.

7.Lovin’ Me Some Romance by VampFanGirl puts my book pimping skills to shame. The amount of future releases she finds and their covers has me scrambling to post on my own blog. Her reviews are short, to the point and everything you need to know without become confused. A must go to blog for fans of the romance genre.

8. What can I say about the wonderful Chris at Stumbling Over Chaos? She is my WTCkery patriot in arms as well as promoting the worst in book covers that make you cringe. Speaking of analyzing books covers, she has this great post called Misadventures in Stock Photography that will have you roaring with laughter. She shares the love with her linking other blog posts, is a proud cute cat owner like I am, and comes across as this happy go lucky person you can’t help but want to wrap in a big old hug.

9. The Queen B, who just started her That’s Queen Bitch To You, loves everything romance. And the smuttier it is, the more she loves it. She expresses herself so well and is quite the firecracker on Twitter also. Her personality and originality are exactly what we need in the blogsphere. It doesn’t hurt that we both have the same likes and if you are a fan of Smexy Mandi’s blog, you will love Queen B.

10. Wendy who runs the Such a Book Lush is so very outlandish, but adorable at the same time. I first met Wendy on twitter and since that first special meeting she has become one of my favorite people. Both she and Queen B make me laugh so hard that my stomach hurts. But even with the abundance of laughs, Wendy loves the written word, especially romance and really has a great voice in explaining what she has read and why it works and doesn’t work for her. I am so very glad to have found Wendy who with a simple thought makes me feel so much better.

And finally a spare blog recommendation (because I always have a spare): The Story Siren is the premiere blog for everything young adult. Kristi’s passion, professionalism and love of everything teen reads is something to bow down to. She has close to 1,500 followers and I can only just imagine how many more come to visit her blog in a given day. She is one of the reasons I found my love of reading Young Adult, and I can see Kristi taking her blog to great heights, perhaps in ways other book bloggers could never have imagined. The Story Siren may just break the ceiling from a book blog to perhaps as a major future industry review site.

These are only a few of my new favorite blogs. I am always open to new ones, so please comment a few of yours where I can add to my ever growing Google Reader.



Victoria Janssen said...

I love having more blogs to check out! Thanks for the links!

Mandi said...

Great post KB!!! Some of those are definitely new to me..thanks!

VampFanGirl said...

Wow, thanks for the pimpage KB! Dang, I'm feelin' loved at the moment. HUGS!

Ooo and I gotta shout out to my girl, Leontine! Her blog rocks. And Dark Faerie Tales is a recent discovery for me but I'm lovin' the feel of the place. Also, I'm definitely going to check out Chris at Stumbling Over Chaos. This blog sounds like my kinda place.

Great post!

Hugs, VFG

Chris said...

Aw, KB, you are so sweet. *sniff* Thank you for the mention! And the Misadventures series will definitely continue - I easily have enough material for six months or more.

The Queen B said...

Aww, girl, you just made me squee (which is kinda embarrassing and requires a panty change) :P
You know I heart you big time *smooshy hugs*
I'm going to be checking out some of these new blogs. Thanks for the recs. Muah!

Sayuri said...

I feel so speshul. But I think I have stagefright now.

*hugs* Thanks for the pimpage. Although I am sure everyone will be spectacularly disappointed. LOL

Off to check out other blogs mentioned.

Wendy said...

So I was at Wal-Mart eyeing this er, "massage" thingamabob when B texted me all like "ZOMG Katie just pimped you out on her blog, I'm not wearing any underwear, go see it!"

And I was like whaaat, I might have possibly drop this mystery massage thing on the floor who immediately started vibrating and I, stealthily, of course, shoved it under a shelf with my foot. Then totally run five red lights to get home and check out your blog!


Ahem. That is all.

P.S: You owe me for the traffic tickets, dammit.

Fiction Vixen said...

Oh nice! I visit some of these and will check the rest out. Thanks!! :)

Katiebabs a.k.a KB said...

Wendy, I think I may have peed my pants!

Fiction: Guess whose blog will be next... ;)

Wendy said...

Katie, you know, there ARE medications for that. ;)

The Queen B said...

Wendy- there are? Really? Not that I'd need them or anything, ahem, but a friend might and you know, I'd do ANYTHING to help my friend's SLIGHT leakage problem.

Wendy said...

B - Yes, there are and er, your "friend" could benefit from them. I'll get my drug dea- I mean, source, SOURCE! to get you - I mean your friend - a sampler.

Jill Sorenson said...

I need to catch up on my blog hopping! Lots of great sites listed, most of which I've never visited before. Thanks for the heads up.

mynfel said...

Oh wow! Thanks for the link-back pimping. :) *hugs*

You rock, m'dear.

Tabitha said...

Thank you. I love discovering more bloggers to check out!

Shannon C. said...

Aww, thanks for the pimpage, Katie. You rock, too! <3

orannia said...

Oh, new blogs to investigate. THANK YOU KB!

Smokinhotbooks said...

Yay more blogs to stalk!

Dark Faerie Tales said...

WOW! So many great blogs out there. I really enjoy Lovin' Me Some Romance. My blogroll gets longer everyday. I won't even talk about my Google Reader. Thanks for the shout out KB.

The Story Siren said...

I know i messaged you on twitter... but WOW. I am seriously speechless. I have no words! You have no idea how much I appreciated and needed to hear that!

I <3 you and your blog so much! Feel so fortunate to have gotten to know you through your blog and tweets!

Thank you!

Olusola said...

Hi. I'm new to the book blogging world and will definitely be checking them out. Love your blog BTW