Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Interview with the Archangel Michaela from Archangel's Kiss

Gather around KB fans because I have an exclusive interview for you! For the first time ever, I was one of the very lucky mortals to interview the (batshit) psycho crazed archangel Michaela that Nalini Singh has written about in boh her Guild Hunter series books, Angels' Blood and Archangel's Kiss. Because Nalini has such great connections with the angels she pens, she was able to schedule time for me to sit down and talk with Michaela. At first Michaela threatened to break my bones, but then Mho Fho went out of his way to speak to her himself. She decided not to torture me and cause me horrible pain. I think because he promised his demon sheep soul to her and a hundred years of service.

I'm telling you, Mho has a way with even the a scary archangel like Michaela. It's his magic mabob. So, along with my sky blue slanket to protect me, I was blindfolded and sent to the angel Refuge, where I, the only human in existence ever was allowed to visit, sit down and hold a Barbara Walters type interview with the one archangel that can make Raphael shake in his hot leather pants.


I've shape shifted into a cute dog to protect myself from scary archangels.

KB: *Sits on edge of her seat wrapped in slanket, trying not to shake in fear* Thank you Michaela for allowing me to interview you. I know you don’t give many interviews to lowly humans, but since you and my demon sheep Mho Fho go way back, I appreciate the time. How does an ancient angel like yourself spend the day? Can you tell us your schedule or is that too much of a secret?

Michaela: I spend the day as I see fit, mortal.

KB: I really wonder, if angels are all knowing, immortal and powerful, why do they eat and sleep? I would assume an immortal angel wouldn’t need to engage in these very human actions. What are your favorite food to eat? (besides drinking the blood of humans who annoy you)

Michaela: Who are you to question why I do anything? If I choose to eat, that is my prerogative. And if I choose to rip out your throat for my own personal amusement, that is also my prerogative.

KB: I’ve heard that one of your fellow archangels, Raphael has a new protégé what quite the reputation. Elena Deveraux is the only vampire hunter to beoame an angel after a year long coma where she almost died. There are rumors that you don’t like her and want to kill her. Why is that? Is it because you want Raphael all for yourself?

Michaela: Elena Deveraux is nothing, a passing whim at most. I don't need to kill her - she'll be dead soon enough anyway. And if I wanted Raphael, I would have him. No man has ever said no to me.

KB: Why do archangels surround themselves with so many vampires? How do you know they won’t attack you and suck your life out of you so they can be free and not under your every command and bidding?

Michaela: Goodness, you are an amusing little mortal. I could crush the mind of any vampire who sought to attack me with but a thought. They are as easily disposable as humans...though I suppose I will keep Riker. He is so much my creature.

KB: How do you relax? Is there such a thing as happy hour at the angel Refuge? Do archangels like yourself watch television and fans of such shows like American Idol or Mad Men?

Michaela: I do not watch. I am watched.

KB: Can you tell your adoring public three things we don’t know about you? What makes you happy? What makes you very mad?

Michaela: I enjoy beauty in all its forms, and right now the only things stoking my anger are these tiresome questions. I do believe your skin, properly flayed, would make a nice wall hanging.

KB: *swallows uncomfortably and holds back calling for her mommy* What do you hope to accomplish in the next thousand years?

Michaela: That is not for the ears of mortals.

KB: Do you like to read? What are your favorite authors or books? Do archangels have time to read?

Michaela: You mock me human! I have been the muse of artists and wordsmiths across the ages. I have read masterpieces as they were created! How dare you ask such an impertinent question?!

*Nalini: OMG, Kate, apologize profusely or RUN!*

KB: *tries not to pee her pants* I’ve been trying to get my demon sheep Mho Fho out of the house because he steals all my books, especially a favorite author of yours, Nalini Singh who is very prolific and I’m surprise she even has enough time to find the hours to sleep. Interested in having a demon sheep as a pet? He can fly, cause mayhem and take care of your enemies if need be. What do you say?

Michaela: I believe I threatened to fillet Mho Fho the last time we met. He's likely to be stringy by now, so I shall discard his flesh and use his fleece for some gloves. Do send him to me.

As for Nalini Singh, it may be time I had a...discussion with her about certain matters.

KB: Anything else you would like to tell us about yourself or warn us if we see you?

Michaela: Come a little closer, mortal. I would whisper the secrets in your ear.

*Nalini: Uh-oh...*

KB: I believe this is my cue to leave. Thanks! *flies off balcony with magic slanket*

*KB flies home with her skin intact and hides under her covers for the next decade*

Mho will be taking over my reviewing responsibilities for awhile, seeing as I'm now comatose with fear.



nightsmusic said...

WOW! Katie, you are one brave female! I can't imagine sitting in front of such power and remaining so composed. Well, until Nalini suggested you Run!

Thanks for taking one for the team ;o) and delivering such a great interview.

**and I'm jealous you got to read this early!**

Cecile said...

Wow... is all I can say. That and I humbly bow down to you....
Great interview!

shilohwalker said...

*G* Great interview.

heidenkind said...

Great interview! Maybe someone should get Elena a slanket....

e_booklover said...

Katie that was great! Thanks for being so brave :D,

Maria said...

This was great, very funny and I too want a slanket!

orannia said...

KB - you should get a bonus for taking on such an interview. The flaying skin comment sent me over the edge!

Your slanket allows you to fly? Excellent *grin*