Thursday, October 8, 2009

It's All About the Hype: Virtually Hers Gennita Low

How does an author keep up the excitement about a series, even though there is a rather long delay between books?

From Stacey Agdern aka @NyStacey

"Welcome to the Glow World" screams the excited ringmaster as the second book in Gennita Low’s Virtual Trilogy is finally released after an over a year long wait.

But how does an author like Gennita Low keep up that excitement for a book in a longstanding series with that kind of a delay? And more importantly, does the book stand up to the excitement?

The answer to the first is very clear, especially since the books in the Glow World center around it. In the words of the supercomputer that the Glow World’s spy center relies upon:

“Information is everything.”

Information. There have been constant news updates from the lady herself through both her blog and the amazing little features she has on her website (the 8-ball, anybody?). Not to mention the various discussions she’s been fostering through her yahoo groups and author chats. Because an author should keep their readers involved in a series they’re interested in seeing. And when the news finally came, Low used the same methods to thank her readers for their patience and tell them that book two was finally coming.

So what about the book itself?

First of all, one of the major plot points in the Virtual Series involves somehow pinpointing where the events take place in the general Glow World timeline. Low does exactly that in Virtually Hers in a way that both makes longtime readers understand where it is, and allows new readers to understand what’s going on. (For those readers who have been following the books, the events of Virtually Hers are taking place around the same time that The Hunter does.)

Second of all, the story continues in Gennita Low’s tradition of writing fast paced thrillers that don’t give her characters short shrift. There is not only the informational payoff on the thriller end, but also, and more importantly, there is a beautiful payoff when it comes to character development. The kind of payoff a reader who’d been waiting for a year to read this book is going to be exceedingly happy with. A hint? Of course.

One of the things I love about Romantic Thrillers, is to watch as stoic, complex, covert operators loose their facades in the course of the stories that follow them as they fall in love. A complex character like Jed Conor McNeil, the hero of the Virtual Series, has needed two books to bring out this part of his personality. And three quarters of the way through Virtually Hers, he utters the following line:

“Elena Ekaterina Rostova,” he rolled her name—the one he preferred—off his tongue softly, “you’ve invaded my waking life too, it seems.”

It is an emotional payoff delivered in the way that only Gennita Low can, in an unexpected interlude right before the big action sequence.

Finally, even though it is a nasty cliffhanger, the ending seems to gather the various plot threads together. It not only confirms the romance, but sets the stage for what’s to come. I’m just glad that this time, I know the wait for the next book will be under a year. And even if it was more, I’d still be waiting.


heidenkind said...
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heidenkind said...

Wonderful review! You've definitely convinced me to give this book a try. It sounds great--I love the short excerpt you posted. :)

BTW, the link you posted to Samhain doesn't appear to be working at the moment.

Katiebabs a.k.a KB said...

Thanks for telling me about the problem with the link. I fixed it. :D

orannia said...

That line was....WOW! Another new author I am going to have to hunt down...I mean another new author whose books I am going to have to hunt down *grin*

Thank you!

Smokinhotbooks said...

Uh oh. I've heard great things about Samhain Publishing, I've held off buying any books b/c of my addiction to ebooks. Sigh,they make it so easy just 1 click of a button. Bam next thing I know I've spent $100 bucks. Great question! I will have to check this out :)