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If You Like Reviews: LB Gregg & Teal Ceagh

If you’re in the mood for some MM romance…

Cover Me is the third book in LB Gregg’s Men of Smithfield series. I found the past two books by this author, Gobsmacked and Happy Endings, to be fun and light reads. Cover Me still has some light moments but LB has also written a great suspense mystery in between the pages. If you were a fan of LB’s other books, you will feel the same with Cover Me.

Michael Finnegan is a teacher at the Dalton Boarding School. Over the summer he tutors to make some extra money. He’s having a hard time with Kyle Douglas who needs to improve his SAT scores in order to get into college. Michael can handle a kid like Kyle, it’s just Kyle’s older brother he’s having issues with. Michael has it bad for Max Douglas, the handsome older security expert who comes across as all work and no play. He rubs Michael the wrong way, but on the other end he wouldn’t mine rubbing himself all over Max. These two men just don’t get along but that still doesn’t stop them from having hot mind blowing sex on the top of Max’s desk in his office.

Michael gets off on the whole “Master and Commander” vibe from Max and when Max bends him over his desk and pounds into him, it is the best sex he ever has. Unfortunately the afterglow ends when Max fires Michael because he thinks Michael has no discipline and is too unorthodox in his teaching. Michael essentially has been kicked to the curb and screwed over literately and figuratively. He also feels ashamed and hurt by the way Max reacted, as well as losing his head in such a way. At this point I did not have a high opinion of Max.

Months later when the school term has begun Michael and Max meet again. This time Max will be watching over a student at the school who needs protection because his father is a big time actor. Michael is less than thrilled because Max seems to insult Michael every chance he gets. But for the benefit of the students, they will act professional. Michael thinks it’s ridiculous that Max is so stiff and always plays by the rules. But then a few frightening situations occur where the student body and teachers may not be as safe as they think they are.

Cover Me is LB’s most daring book to date. She combines humor, unbridled passion and lust between the two main characters and a mystery with a stalker that will have you guessing until the last page. I had no clue who was responsible for some of the deranged acts (flying arrows are used as a weapon) and why. I give kudos for LB for keeping me, as a reader, on my toes.

The sex scenes are pretty spicy, especially the first sex act between Max and Michael. My reaction over the line, “he smelled of everything I loved best about men- that intoxicating mix of earth and musk and soap and piss and heat”, was laid on a bit too thick because I don’t find it a turn on as a Michael is giving Max a blow job where he finds the smell of piss to be an aphrodisiac. But, the later sex scenes between these two hit all the high points, especially because Max likes to snuggle. The talk of musty piss is no longer mentioned.

I really liked Michael’s point of view. His opinions and ideas really made me smile. Max comes across as a jerk. I felt Max was just using Michael for sex, where he could ignore Michael or put him down in the light of day, but at night come to him and all would be forgiven. It took me a long time to warm up to Max, but by the end, the way things evolved between these two men who are total opposites in every way, did make sense and it all worked out.

If you are looking for a different type of reading experience with your MM fiction, give Cover Me, as well as the rest of LB Gregg’s Men of Smithfield books, a try.

(You can buy Cover me from Aspen Mountain Press)

Final Grade: B

If you like reading about a ménage where the heroine has two dicks in her hoo haa…

Teal Ceagh’s Beth’s Acceptance: Destiny’s Trinities I is what I fondly call the two wee wees in the hoo haa book. This is the only story I ever read where the heroine engaged in a ménage where both men insert both their penises in her vagina and all are very happy with the results. Usually I have read where the one male partner will have vaginal sex while the other engages in anal sex with the heroine. They all have a fun ride. But here Teal pulls off the two dicks for her pleasure in a very believable way that I actually didn’t find myself squirming in my seat and going ouch.

Perhaps because the human heroine’s lover is an elf and the other is a vampire?

Beth Siegel is a poor working NYC student who mixes and serves drinks at McGinty’s bar. She can’t get a guy by the name of Luke out of her mind who visits the library where she also works. Luke has dark, stormy blue eyes, honey blond hair. She really wouldn’t mind having a piece of him. But it looks like Luke only teases her while she works at the library and wants nothing else from her even though he almost has her up against the stacks.

On the other hand there is Zach who comes into McGinty’s. He is the opposite of Luke with his thick black hair and feral eyes. Zach taunts Beth. As you can imagine Beth is very frustrated with both these men who bring her to the edge but then stop right before she reaches her peak. She is pretty much done with both of them, but then when she is walking home to her apartment, she is attacked. Luke and Zach come to her aid. The reason Luke didn’t engage in hanky pinky with Beth is because his race isn’t permitted to mate with a human. They figure out that Beth is the queen they have been searching for. And you know what that means? Free for all bed play with Luke, Beth and Zach!

The sex scenes with these three are very, very steamy and well written, exactly what I would expect in a paranormal ménage. The first scene where Luke asks Zach, “who gets to be the first one to put his cock there”, in regards to the double penetration of Beth’s vagina, had me do a double take. Zack’s reason why it’s not so strange to engage in this specific sex act does make sense if you think of it:

“Women bear children through the vagina, so it’s entirely possible.”


And because Zach and Luke are supernatural, they don’t need to use condoms because they can’t transmit diseases or get Beth pregnant. Actually Luke isn’t sure because he’s never had sex with a human, but since Beth trusts him so, she goes for it without him wearing a raincoat.

Luke and Zach coordinate their thrusting, Beth welcomes the wonderful feeling of being so full with two penises inside her and they all have an explosive reaction.

The rest of the time they must succeed in their fight against the Grimore who want war against the elf, vampire and human societies. It is up to Beth and her duo to save their people and the world, while having really hot sex so they can all mate and be together forever.

I found Beth’s Acceptance to be interesting reading and Teal has a great way at writing erotic romance. I have read about mermaid and angel sex, shadow sex and other such shocking acts, so for a woman to enjoy two male organs in her one main orifice for sexual pleasure is not as shocking as I originally thought it would be.

I would recommend Beth’s Acceptance for those who like a bit of naughty in their reads. I will definitely keep an eye on Teal’s future releases. I can really see her going somewhere in the erotic romance genre.


Tracy said...

Yay for Cover Me. Love that series and this was a great addition to it.

And Beth's Acceptance. Wow. That' Double thrusting. Sounds like a rocket ships gonna go off. *snort*

LeeAnn said...

Wow you have me really intrigued with both books! But for Teal Ceagh’s "Beth’s Acceptance: Destiny’s Trinities" it sounds like a love triangle. Is it?

Katiebabs a.k.a KB said...

Tracy: Wasn't Cover me fun reading?

Yup, double thrusting leads to some fun times.

LeeAnn: I guess the beginning is like a love triangle but it changes into a welcomed threesome. Lots of sharing going on here. LOL

Mandi said...

I loved Cover Me - musty piss and all! ;)

I am reviewing Beth's Acceptance next week..looks like I am in for quite a read!!

Cym Lowell said...

Thanks for joining the blog book review party!


heidenkind said...

"Women bear children through the vagina, so it’s entirely possible.”


Erm, maybe, but most women don't enjoy having babies.

AnimeJune said...

WOW. Maybe a better title for Beth's Acceptance would be "Double Occupancy". Ick ick ick.

lbgregg said...


You pick that ONE sentence? OMG.

I had fun with most of this book--it gave me some fits and starts--but overall, it was just fun to write. Particularly the toaster scene. And the desk scene. Also that last love scene...

Thanks for taking the time to review my wee little toaster book. I never intended to write a mystery! So funny.


0_o on Double Occupancy.

Katiebabs a.k.a KB said...

LB: You have the title for the next book thanks to Anime June!

The toaster costume scene was really funny. Only you could pull off such a thing with a guy wearing a toaster.