Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Steampunk Mystique *Part 3*

The future of steampunk

What’s next? Well, for me, getting that draft of Dark Heart ready to pitch to an agent, while plotting Captain Carson’s adventures in Fell Hold City. In the meantime, I’m writing a superhero novel called Seven Wonders – more as a break from the rigours of first-person Victoriana – but when that’s done, it’s on to Dark Heart II. And then III, and then IV. And then… well, you get the picture.

The popularity of steampunk and it’s various subcategories – dieselpunk, oilpunk, NeoEdwardian – is likely to come and go, just as with any genre. You must never write just to fit a trend, because by the time your book is out the trend will be long dead. But for fans and enthusiasts of brass and leather and steam and robots and airships and rockets and, well, anything that the extraordinary and unique Victorians could never had built in their wildest imaginings, there are fog-shrouded cities to explore, robotic murders to solve, and Venusian landscapes to visit with hot-air balloons (hey, that’s my idea, hands off!). All with top hat and cane and a stiff upper lip.

And brass goggles. Don’t forget the brass goggles.

ADAM CHRISTOPHER is a New Zealand-born SF writer living in the sunny north of England. For more information, please visit The Devil in Chains is available for the iPhone and iPod touch at the iTunes app store at , and Adam can be found on twitter as @ghostfinder.


Anthea said...


Thanks for the insight into Steam Punk! Definitely time to read some. What would you recommend as an entre to the Victorian-set genre, ideally with some romance flavoring?

I enjoyed reading your series, and thanks Katie for hosting~

orannia said...

Thank you very much Adam for the insight, and to KB for organizing!

Hilcia said...

Thank you for the insight, Adam and KB for facilitating this great posts. Will definitely add Dark Heart to my list of "steampunk" reads for the year. :)

I'm actually bookmarking these posts so I can come back and refer to them, lol!

raine said...

Thanks, Adam and Katie, for the info. Very interesting stuff, really got me thinking about trying one!

adamchristopher said...

Hey everyone,

Thanks again for all the comments, and big thanks to Kate for letting me waffle about Steampunk for two days!

I'm working on a recommended reading list, so expect to see a "bonus episode" of Steampunk Mystique soon!

Also thanks everyone for their support of my own work. Dark Heart will be a while coming, but The Devil in Chains is available now for the iPhone/iPod touch, plus as a PDF eBook from my website.

If anyone has any more questions, feel free to post them here or send them directly to me, and I'll work them into the bonus installment.

Thanks again!


Xandra Gregory said...

@Anthea One of the quintessential steampunk instant classics has got to be Girl Genius put out by Phil and Kaja Foglio at Studio Foglio. You can buy PDFs or graphic novels (I think we're up to 9 volumes) or read the whole story up to this very week's panels at the elegant and finely-crafted link above. There's very much a romantic throughline, and the heroine is the complete opposite of TSTL. I have mad love for it.

ciarcullen said...

Wonderful three posts. I loved the first one, especially. Explaining my alternate Manhattan 1890 universe to my husband resulted in the "uh oh, is this hormonal?" look. I wrote more speculative steam-age romance, if that makes sense. More the aesthetic than the real alternate future. Hats off to you. I really understand how difficult it must be to write such a magnum opus of steampunk. Look forward to your publication. Good luck.