Saturday, May 30, 2009

KB'S Pimpin Blogs You Should Visit

This is in honor of BEA and all those bloggers that will be there this weekend...

Rather than my weekly KB Pimpin Book Cover post, I have decided to dedicate this post to some new blogs I think everyone should visit. It has been awhile since I have highlighted a certain blog, even though the majority of the ones I visit everyday are on my side bar. With BEA in town, celebrating some great blogs and the people who work behind the scenes to keep them up and running is a great way to promote all their hard work.
Is all about Science Fiction, Fantasy and paranormal book reviews, news and opinion by Doug Knipe who has some great reviews, author interviews and contests. He is willing to read any book in the Sci-fi, Fantasy or Paranormal genre and is honest and insightful. Sometimes I get a wee bit jealous because he will read some of my most wanted books and post reviews before I do. He is moving up in the blogging world as the go to guy for the best in book reviews.

Reviews of the genre, other blogs and very ocassionaly an actual book. This lovely blog is run by Jessica who does amazing research on a wide variety of topics. Her reviews are very different from the regular run of the mill ones I read and she likes to spotlight other blogs and interview bloggers and give them their day to shine. Jessica makes me really think about the literature that I am reading. She has opened my mind to many different possibilities.

Escaping into new worlds, meeting new characters and exploring different societies is the only way we have of leaving the harsh reality of life behind us...if only for a little bit. Jackie has great updates and finds out major publishing information even before I can. Her blog is great for fan of Paranormal and Fantasy reads. She posts about interviews and author contests around the web.

Blog for Eos Books, sf/f imprint of Morrow/Avon/HarperCollins Publishers. Eos posts all about their upcoming books and really great contests where you can win some ARC's. I have even won a few. It is one of my favorite publisher blog to visit.

Is an expression used by movie fans and critics alike to denote the point in which a film or television program veers off into the realm of the ridiculous and stupid. Run by Jason Nicholl and Luis Lecca, this site is for all you movie junkies out there. Want to see the latest upcoming movie poster or trailer, Nuke the Fridge is the place to go. They also have some of the best on-line movie reviews about almost every movie that is being played in the theaters.

One of the best horror themed blogs on the net, B-Sol is a true horror movie affectionato. I love horror movies and the Vault of Horror is the place to go for your fix. Where else can you see a post about the 10 least frightening vampires in movies? Brian has a wicked sense of humor and he and I now have a dare going. If he reads Twilght and reviews it for me, I will watch any horror movie he selects and do the same on his blog. See, doesn't that show what a great guy he is? He is going to read Twilight. (Brian, you can't back out now since I have publically called you out on this)

I usually never praise author blogs. Perhaps I should start doing this. Jill, who will have her first published novel out at the end of this year, has her own live journal where she talks about her journey as an writer and the process of becoming published. She gives great advice and her personality really shines through. She is witty and so very engaging and you feel so very welcome posting a comment. If you are a writer who is struggling, just starting out or already out in the big bad publishing world, I recommend you visit at Jill's.

These blogs are just a small taste of the one I visit on a daily basis. Hopefully you will want to gives these ones a try and add them to your collection of must visit blogs.



Jessica said...

What a nice thing to wake up to, and what a sweetheart you are to pimp my blog! (wait, is it ok to put "sweetheart" and "pimp" in the same sentence?).

And thanks for highlighting other great places to visit!

And by the way ... about that questionnaire ... be checking your in box.

Jill Myles said...

Wow, I'm floored! You visit on a daily basis?

Now I really need to blog more. ;)

Stacy~ said...

I see you've expanded your horizons. Great blog pimping. You can be sure I'll be visiting many of them :) Damn you!

SciFiGuy said...

What a terrific way to start the weekend! I am more than flattered. "Go to guy" hunh. I like the sound of that.

Jessica I have been a subscriber for a long time but mostly a lurker :)

Thanks KB I love to explore new blogs and I've got Jill on my paranormal radar now.

Carolyn Crane (aka Carolyn Jean) said...

Oh, cool! Some great blogs, plus new blogs to check out. Have a great weekend, KB!

Katiebabs a.k.a KB said...

Jessica: I am the sweetest pimp? LOL

Jill: Of course I visit whenever I can! You have given me the best advice.

Stacy and CJ: You know I have much love for your blogs also.

SciFiGuy: Definitely, the go to guy! BTW I was able to pick up two copies of Rachel Vincent's YA book your reviewed and I mentioned your blog to her and she was very excited your review her book.

Sharon E. Dreyer said...

Blogs are everywhere, but some blogs are better than others. You have listed some new ones that I haven't visited before. Thanks and this is a great article. I traveled to NYC for the 2009 BEA this past weekend. The trip to NYC was my first and the BEA blew my socks off. Check out my first and recently released novel, Long Journey to Rneadal. This story is a romantic action adventure in space that is more about the characters than the technology.