Friday, May 8, 2009

KB's Adventures in England! *Part Two* The Book Hunt

Virgin Mistresses and Baby Bumps...

Cambridge has some of the best book stores! Not only do they have a Borders but their most beloved bookstore is Waterstones. First we went into Borders where we saw some well known books but with different covers. Can you spot the different between the US and UK covers?

And I didn't have to worry about being hauled away by book store security, unlike at B&N.


Colleen Gleason and Ann Aguirre

Meljean Brook's Guardian books and J.R. Ward.

There was this nice selection of Mills and Boon books. Wait till you see some of these covers and titles for their category romances!

Playboy Boss, Pregnancy of Passion/ The Vendacci Marriage Vengeance

The Surgeon She's Been Waiting For

I Love the name of their Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy section!

Julia Quinn/J.R. Ward

Linnea Sinclair

Elizabeth Vaughn's "Red Gloves"

And this book should help me a great deal with my F/F Romance WIP. Don't you think?

The next post will be my day in London where I was a bit too friendly with Darth Vader and Batman. That rascal Mho Fho had the time of his life as you can see from the picture here...
More to come...



Leontine said...

Hi Katie,
Glad you've enjoyed yourself so in England. We could've practically waved at each other since I live across the pond in the Netherlands LOL

I have already been to England but love to do it again...and then go up to Scotland ;-)

Ana said...

we should have bought that book. seriously.

Christine said...

What's a visit with book blogging friends without a visit to a bookstore!

That is one cool name for the paranormal romance section! I love it! And check out the UK BDB covers! Neat pics.

My word verification is "mibump" LOL!

Tumperkin said...

You were HERE? Ok, 500 mile
s away.....

SarahT said...

Some of those covers are hilarious!

I must say, though, that I generally prefer US editions of books to UK ones. I think it has to do with the size. Mass market editions are extremely handbag-friendly. This smaller format is rarely used in the UK, for whatever reason.

C2 said...

Such fun! Keep the stories coming. :-D

orannia said...

*SIGH* I had forgotten the amazing range of books. Please tell me you visited a certain science-fiction/fantasy store while in London?

ana said...

Orannia - do you mean Forbiden PLanet?

YES WE DID *grin*

Larissa Ione said...

*mutters about jealousy and goes back to living in tick-infested Virginia*

Katiebabs a.k.a KB said...

Yes, Ana and I visited the awesome Forbidden Planet! And Larissa, in my next post you will see some very nice pictures of some special books. I wonder what they could be?

Ticks!! BLECK.