Saturday, May 2, 2009

Amie Stuart's Reasons Why You Should Read YA Boooks

From the desk of the "sultry" Amie Stuart...

Seven reasons you should try the "new and improved" YA section of your local bookstore.

1. Because it'll give you something to talk about with your childrenbesides their grades.

2. Because YA books are smart. The only difference between a YAheroine and a "grown up" heroine is their age. Srsly, they might come at life from different angels, but YA does not mean "kids books".

3. Because it'll give you something to talk about with your children besides the piss poor job they did on the dishes

4. Because YA has kick ass heroines too. Srsly. Trust me on this. While you sit waiting patiently on more urban fantasy goodness from authors like Carrie Vaughn* or Patricia Briggs* wishing you had something kind of fresh and kick ass to read, your daughter is gobbling down kick ass heroines by the bucket-load. You're missing out on fantabulous authors like Rosemary Clement Moore, PC & Kristen Cast, Kelley Armstrong, Suzanne Collins, Rachel Caine, Neil Gaiman and Scott Westerfeld just to name a few.

5. Because all your kid's friends will think you are the coolest mom ever because you're not too old and uncool to read the same books they do.

6. Because it'll give you something to talk bout with your children besides the piss poor job they did cleaning their room.

7. Because if they continue to do a piss poor job on their chores, you can exact revenge by giving away key plot elements on the books they've been drooling for and you read first :-)

*No disrespect to Carrie or Patricia-I'm actually a huge fan of both of them.

-Amie Stuart

What are your favorite YA books and YA authors?


Ravenous Reader said...

Hiya!! I love to read and as long as the story takes me out of my everyday dreary...than I am there. It really does not matter if it is YA or not, but I must say that as of late I am lovin' my YA.

So lets many great books and authors to write down

Ok, here goes
Cassandra Clare
Melissa Marr
Sarah Dessen
LIbba Bray
Laurie Halse Anderson
John Green
A.S. King (Dust of 100 Dogs)
and for some newbies that I am adoring
Cyn Balog of Fairy Tale 6/09
Michelle Zink of Prophecy of the Sisters 8/9
Lisa Mantchev of Eyes Like Stars 7/9
and some "Adult authors that have YA books that I love love love
Kelley Armstrong
Richelle Mead (VA, kicks some serious butt)
Gena Showalter
Rachel Vincent (upcoming YA this summer)
and...Neil Gaiman, adventure writer extrodinaire :)

nightdweller20 said...

You actually hit on them, Amie. I like Rachel Caine, Neil Gaiman, Scott Westerfeld, Richelle Mead, PC Cast, and one you didn't mention but need to: Neal Shusterman. Neal Shusterman is a very great writer. I love all of his stuff and you guys should check him out!

Anna said...

Some of the YA I read are:
Richelle Mead
Melissa Marr
Amelia Atwater-Rhodes
Melissa De La Cruz
Holly Black
Rachel Caine
P.C. & Kristin Cast
Gena Showalter
Ellen Schreiber
Cynthia Leitich Smith
Mari Mancusi
Stephenie Meyer
Kelley Armstrong
Lynne Ewing

Maija P. said...

I have read:
Richelle Mead
Stephenie Meyer
Scott Westerfeld
P.C. & Kristin Cast
Melissa Marr
Alyson Noël
L.J. Smith

Kati said...

Hi Amie! Awesome blog.

I've just started dabbling in YA books. I love Melissa Marr and I also adored the Gemma Doyle series. You're absolutely right, YA books do kick a little booty!

I'm not a mom, but I'm a big hit with my young teen nieces because I read what they do. I like being hip (just saying that probably makes me un-hip).

Amie Stuart said...

WOOT for YA!!! Lots of great recs here ladies! I"ll definitely be checking these out.

Have to add Cory Doctorow's (sp?) Little Brother to list as well as Robin Wasserman for her book Skinned (I need to go back and glom some of her backlist still).

And I can't believe I left Holly Black off my list!

HeatherMarie said...

Ok a lot of my authors have already been listed, but I didn't see my all-time fav so I've gotta mention her: Heather Brewer!!! Come on people, the Chronicles of Vladimir Tod seriously Rock!

I've also discovered, Lucienne Diver, Kimberly Pauley, and Simone Elkeles.

heidenkind said...

I'm going to guess Amie's book is not a YA novel?

I love YA books. A lot of times it seems like YA is the only genre where the focus is still JUST on telling a good story. My favorite YA writer is still probably the one I loved when I was a teen--LJ Smith.

lustyreader said...

Great topic! My fave YA author is Tamora Pierce hands down. Her first series Song of the Lioness Quartet is great for young girls as it follows Alanna, a female heroine who is impressive and would set a great example.

Luckily Ms. Pierce is still churning out new books, so I would def recommend any of them, but especially her first ones.

JenB said...

I've only read one YA book and I liked it, but it was also frustrating. I don't relate to teenagers and I think they make stupid decisions. LOL

I love the idea of YA books, but I get annoyed at the very things that make them YA.

Yes, I'm a mess.

Tracy said...

Fun! If I could get my preteen to read these books I'd definitely read them with her! :)

Karen W. said...

Oh, I have so many favorites. Melissa Marr's series, THE BOOK THIEF by Markus Zusak, ELSEWHERE by Gabrielle Zevin, LIFE AS WE KNEW IT by Susan Beth Pfeffer, A CERTAIN SLANT OF LIGHT & THE FETCH by Laura Whitcomb, THE FOREST OF HANDS & TEETH by Carrie Ryan, SKINNED by Robin Wasserman, GENERATION DEAD by Daniel Walters, anything by Charles de Lint, and lots of series stuff: Morganville vamps by Rachel Caine, House of Night by P.C. & Kristen Cast, the Libba Bray series, Maggie Quinn series by Rosemary Clement-Moore, Pretties series by Scott Westerfield, Blue Bloods series by Melissa de la Cruz, and lots more. I love YA fantasy/paranormal books.

Karen W. said...

I almost forgot to show the love for one of my all-time favorites: GHOST GIRL by Tonya Hurley. A great read with an awesome cover design!

Amie Stuart said...

Heiden...Nope I don't write YA ;-) I'm sure it probably seems weird for an erotic romance author to read so much YA. Maybe it's because I didn't read a lot of teen novels when I was a teen?!

Heather will def check out Vladimir Todd--my agent is a fan of that book too.

Lusty & Karen--will Def check out Tonya and Tamora's books!

Jen--I'm going to loan you the first Kelley Armstrong book and see if you feel the same. I INSIST that you read it. ;-)

Tracy--I feel you. Only one of my kids is a reader. He freaked out when I read Graceling in seven hours LOL It took him like five days of constant reading to finish it.

Keira of LoveRomancePassion said...

Haha great list. I was talking to my kid sister about some books that I really enjoyed. They were part of the state selected highlighted group (Ella Enchanted, and a few others I could describe but not give the title for) and a book I ran into at the library again (and have checked out again) Of Two Minds.

JenB said...

Amie - Ok, I'll try it. :) I'll be happy to try another YA as long as it doesn't irritate me.

Caffey said...

Hi Amie!
Gosh I haven't read a YA book in so long. Oh wait, a few years ago I was at the library and I was wandering and saw Little House and I sat down and read it again! The memories of those books!

I've been checking out some books and I want to try something fae/fantasy related. Like Melissa Marr. I heard those are fantasy, right? Now I'm tempting after this discussion.

I got two young adults now. My son is a huge reader of everything! It works to get his chores done and then go get or order him one of his books. We need a library room for him too!
My daughter reads once in a huge while and when she does pick up a book to read, you'll not see her til she is done. But I can't bribe her with a book.

Christine said...

Hi Amie.
I read YA fairly regularly myself and in fact read it exclusively for a while before I even picked up my first adult romance, UF or fantasy novel. I have two girls, now 10 and 14 both voracious readers, so I have experienced every single line item on your list--some of them too many times to count!

I've had my car full of teenage girls discussing character flaws and plot tropes several times. It's great!