Friday, February 6, 2009

The Top 10 Done the SB Sarah Way

You may have noticed that the internet has been kind of quiet the past few days due to the fact that Smart Bitches, Trashy Books website is down for maintenance.

SB Sarah is going through withdrawl. so I welcome her to post whatever she wanted to here since I am crazy busy at my day job and preparing myself mentally for the weekend long zaniness that is New York Comic Con. I also heard a rumor that Hugh Jackman is in NYC, so maybe he will show up at the conference? Perhaps he dress up in his Wolverine costume and show off those wonderful bulging... *insert your own fantasy here*

Let's channel David Letterman, why don't we? Here is Sarah's Top 10 List!

Top things I like about being a romance reader and reviewer:

10. I can spell "pelisse" (but I can't draw one).

9. I like to think I know the proper way to greet a Duke, should I ever meet one. After all, I am a Duchess. Of Cuntington

8. Two words: Sexual Agency

7. Two more words: Female Self-Actualization (ok, that was 3)

6. Other romance fans = awesome to talk to.

5. I can always reassure myself that it'll be ok in the end (and if it's not ok, it's not the end). That idea has gotten me through a lot of crapful times.

4. Paperback books in many beautiful colors make for simple, easy, and eye catching interior decor!3. I am never, ever board so long as I have a romance to read.

2. The bad guy always (ok - usually) gets what's coming to him or her.

1. I get to meet people like Kate, who is a Jersey girl AND my neighbor, and therefore 300% more awesome.
*And don't forget about this insightful book from our favorite bitches coming from Simon & Schuster in April! It is even Nora Roberts approved!*


KMont said...

Why, hello there! I'm enjoying seeing all where you're popping up today, Sarah. Back end of DA, lists over here. You're a machine!

Kwana said...

Love that list. Romance fans are awesome!

Keira said...

Great start - I think we should have one that's called you know you read too many romance novels when...

rebyj said...

LOL Those were hilarious.

I'd add that romance books make good missiles to throw at hubby's when they misbehave!
Admit it, you've all thrown one at one time or another.

It's been fun chasing Sarah around the blog world today!

Leanna Renee Hieber said...

Great list! And I can't WAIT for the SB Guidebook!!!

Mame Burkett said...

Excellent list. I especially connected with spelling pelisse. Reading romance improves the vocabulary.
BTW, I have tagged you on my blog,, for another top 10 list. This one is a Meme I saw on The Book Smuggler's blog and it is "Top 10 TV Couples."
Come on over an check it out!
Have a great weekend and I hope you get to see Hugh Jackman bulging somewhere..hehehehe