Thursday, February 19, 2009

Saturn Go Bye-Bye?

I own a 2002 Silver Saturn ION 3 and I love it to peices. It was the very first car I bought with my own money.

When buying my first car I had a goal in mind. In order to purchase a car, I needed to pay off my college loans first. I worked two jobs and scrimped and saved because as soon as I payed off my college education I would have my wheels. It took me four years and a lot of sacrifice on my part (staying home many Saturday nights), but I was able to save enough money.

My car was the first thing I owned with out any financial help from my parents and the first real grown up decision I made. Over this past summer I was finally able to pay off my car.

Then yesterday I hear this depressing bit of news:

GM said it expected to phase out Saturn in its viability plan submitted to the government on Tuesday, and later that day GM executives said all options were on the table.

With a franchise agreement that sets dealers up as an independent distribution network, it will be easier and cheaper to drop Saturn than the $1 billion it cost GM to kill Oldsmobile in 2004.

Saturn gets its engines, transmission and body stampings from GM, and is so intertwined with GM it couldn't be sold because no one would buy it. Either it gets spun off or it dies of old age like Plymouth did at Chrysler.

Hopefully Saturn will not die off because I think they are one of the best cars out on the road. I haven't had any big problems and the air conditoner still works! You know a car is a good product if the air conditioning can still deliver.
Any other Saturn owners our there? Or does anyone have any first care stories they want to share?



Barbara said...

Aw, Katie that story actually breaks my heart. My first car was an 89 Pontiac Grand Am (GM) and man, was that car faithful! I couldn't have asked for a better car. Then some schmuck decided to run a red light and it was over for my baby.

On the upside, because MY car was made of steel and his fiberglass it literally ripped his Volkwagen to shreds. Thankfully no one was hurt in any way but I did have that satisfaction in knowing my baby went out tough as nails.

MB (Leah) said...

A Saturn was my first new car buy and I loved it. I actually bought my Honda Civic from a Saturn dealership when I came back to the states after being out for years and I loved the no-dicker policy of it.

So when I needed a new car, I went to Saturn because of that no-dicker deal and the fact that it was a well priced, well made car. And I wasn't disappointed.

In 2006 I had to trade it in because I had some herniated disks and driving the manual was killing me. But I had it 7 years and nary a problem with it.

It'll be a shame really if Saturn goes away. I don't understand that because it is a high selling car due to it's lower sticker price and quality.

Sweet said...

Some Saturn's have very specific maintenance and parts that are unique to only Saturn. So if you live in a small town like I do, its hell trying to get someone to work on them. My mother had one and I thank God, she got rid of it.

Michele said...

Katie, my Saturn is the first car I've purchased on my own, too. And I know that if you take care of them they'll take care of you. I am really ticked off at GM for what they did to Saturn and wish they'd poured money into Saturn instead of all the big-ass dumb crap like Hummer.

Aymless said...

When it was time to mothball my old car, I thought about the Saturn. I really liked it when it first came out but unfortunately by 2005 Saturn was already not doing well and most of the new models were having lots of problems (per consumer report) so I went with a Prius. Gotta say that was a good call since gas prices just went up from the time I bought it and in addition I got a deal on the car loan (0.5% off on interest for buy a "green" car). And it makes me feel like I've done a bit for the environment and all.