Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Next Cult Movie in the Making? *Lesbian Vampire Killers*

I have the feeling that the UK movie Vampire Lesbian Killers may be a cult hit in the making.

BAFTA winning comedy-duo James Corden and Matt Horne (Gavin & Stacey) decide to escape their problems and head to the countryside for a weekend of debauchery. Things don’t quite go to plan and they find themselves stuck in a village where all the women have been enslaved by a legendary vampire curse. As the night unfolds the boys have to put all of their fears (and dreams) behind them in order to rise to the challenge of becoming LESBIAN VAMPIRE KILLERS


I get a very big Shaun of the Dead vibe from watching the trailer.

What say you?



JenB said...

That looks so dumb.

BUT...dumb in a "I have to see if it's for real" kind of way. I'll probably end up renting in a few months it despite my better judgment. LOL

Kind of like the Lost Boys remake.

Kwana said...

Crazy. I'd watch the video and laugh.

Kwana said...

Oh and you've won an award today!