Sunday, September 7, 2008

KB's Review Policy & Advertising Inquiries

Author, Publicists and Publishers: I review mainly genre fiction titles. My top genres I enjoying reviewing are Romance, Young Adult, GLBT Romance and Horror. But I will make exceptions to the rule if a book blurb and/or excerpt really makes an impression. This also includes certain self-published titles. I cannot promise I will accept every single review submission, but I will try my best. I do try to average three book reviews a week. I will give the most honest review possible, even if the book didn't work for me. I will not sugarcoat a review.

I also accept digital galleys/ARCs for review such as a site like NetGalley.

Any review posted here will also be posted on Amazon and at Goodreads.

Grading: I grade on a scale from A-F. I grade on overall plot, characters and writing.

Timing: I will try to the best of my ability to reply in a timely fashion to any book review requests, and post a review for a book within three months of it's release and up to a month prior to a book's release if I am given a galley or ARC.

Upon request I will include my total number of traffic numbers for the week or month.

I am now accepting inquiries for possible advertising opportunities from publishers and authors.

If an author or publisher sends me a book that is former fan fiction or Twilight fan fiction, I will automatically lower my grade or not accept at all. Publishing fan fiction and making a profit on it is wrong, IMO.

Any questions can be directed to Katiebabsg AT in regards to my review policy or advertising.